Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor Mid-Season

We are often asked if we accept new snow removal customers mid-season. Of course, policies vary by contractor, but we thought we’d take a minute to explain how starting a mid-season contract works with NTSS.

First, when you hire us mid-season, you hire us for the remainder of the season. If you need short-term services (like while you’re away on holiday), our pricing is different, and will require a custom quote. However, if you need services from now until April 15th, when our services end for the year, the price you’ll get from our Online Quote Form will be accurate.

Second, our billing cycle is on the 15th of every month, because a full season starts on November 15th (through April 15th). We normally invoice six times through a season – a deposit, followed by November 15th, December 15th, January 15th, February 15th, and March 15th.

Third, your first payment will include any pro-rated amount from your start date until the next billing cycle. So, if you start on February first, your first payment will include a half-month for February 1st through 15th, then the remaining monthly payments beginning on February 15th.

Finally, you will also be required to pay 10% of your total for the contract (ie., from February 1st through April 15th) upfront. As always, you are free to cancel your contract at any time without penalty.

I hope this helps explain how starting a contract mid-season works. Have a question or want to get started? You can contact me, owner Michael Chudy, online or by phone.